High Chai Tea


High Chai – Good & Proper Tea. Spiced and enriched with Ceylon cinnamon + green cardamom. Just 7 herbs & teas bristling with energy. So off you go to an aromatic sensation in a cup.

How does it taste?: Subtle zest arrives at first sip followed by a pronounced spiced finish, an experience like no other!

Benefits? Chai has been cherished in India to preserve health & increase peace of mind.


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eSutras Organics High Chai combines a fine British tradition with exotic Indian spices. Truly robust and full-flavored with estate grown orange pekoe black and green tea blended with our traditional Indian Masala Chai spices, you get full top notes of cardamom, ginger, and clove that are zesty and stimulating. High Chai should be brewed strong.

This tea is best served with milk and eSutras sweeteners to bring out its optimal flavor. Subtle zest arrives at first sip followed by a pronounced spiced finish, an experience like no other!

As believers of top quality products, we small batch produce our High Chai Tea in our Chicago facility with only the best organically grown Indian spices and high-grown tea. We specially blend our teas so you can brew them like ‘drip’ coffee.

Because some ingredients may settle, we suggest you lightly shake the tin to incorporate all the flavors in your brew. Enjoy!

Tasting notes:

Subtle zest arrives at first sip followed by a pronounced spiced finish, an experience like no other!

How to Use High Chai Tea?:

Percolate just like your would coffee.
Add 1 tbsp per 2 cups of water to filter.
Run machine.
Or, try adding 1 tsp of tea into an infuser and immerse into boiling water until desired strength of tea is obtained.
Sweeten as desired with eSutras sugars, stevia, jaggery or agave.

For Steeping or Slow Brew
Mix 2 tbsp High Chai, 1 cup water, and 1 cup milk in a saucepan. Bring to a boil then reduce the heat and simmer for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and stir in sugar or sweetener to taste. Strain into a mug or pitcher and enjoy! Chai can also be enjoyed over ice.

Size and Pricing

2.5 Ounces – $14.50
4 Ounces – $25.50
16 Ounces -$46.50


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