Finishing Salt: Citrus


Citrus Salt – Organic potent powders and extracts of real citrus fruits makes this blend delectable!

Sharp and lemony. Such an unusual subtle flavor great sprinkled on salads and much more.

How does it taste?:

Encompasses salt with sweet, sour deliciousness.

Why Buy?

This  is the salt that is set to bring out the best in your slow-sipping margaritas and dare we say other sweet drinks.


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Described in a well-known magazine as “serious indispensible ingredients” there is something in this range for every savory dish!

Whether you sprinkle, marinate, add or grind – you will be adding great flavors….

A natural match with seafood, chicken and herb-filled dishes, any plate that might enjoy a slice of lemon garnish it up with eSutras Citrus salt.

How to Use?

Sour and Sweet and Salty! 

Use it to mix up your Latin-style meals, with a bonus offering as a drink rim for your guest’s Bloody Mary. Ensures your party will be talk of the town.

Our Citrus Salt is an all time favorite!  In summer-Sprinkle it over fruits like watermelon for a juicy, salty and sweet flavor. In winter – makes for an interesting garnish, marinade or seasoning for meats, fish, vegetables and salads.

The perfect pairing of bright, fragrant, floral and tart but not sour, Citrus salt is one of the most versatile for use in both sweet and savory recipes.

Use it to mix up your Latin-style meals, as a drink rim for your Bloody Mary, in coconut and tropical-inspired pastries, or even as a tangy zest to white chocolate truffles.

Try adding a citrus tang to barbecues, marinades and glazes, or use it to rim the glass of your favorite fruity martini or margarita!

Amount and Pricing

1 Ounce – $5.50
5 Ounce – $11.00
16 Ounce – $19.98